My respected Colleagues, my dear Friends,

it gives me very great pleasure to announce wonderful news!

The upcoming Mediterranean Forum of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine will take place in Rome from 6th to 8th July 2023, and as most of you already guess it aims to become the greatest Rehabilitative event of the Mediterranean countries for the year.

In the role of President, I am pretty much a dream come true, but I am also aware of the hard tasks and the big responsibilities are waiting for.

I trust that the scientific and organizing committees plan an excellent scientific program to promote the development of our beloved discipline, mainly focusing on what COVID-19 taught the rehabilitative world and how is impacting on our activities. Sessions on the various topics of PRM and amazing workshops are warranted.
We are also scheduling thrilling social events like the opening ceremony and the network dinner. Finally, there are going to be memorable cultural events which you cannot miss, to expand feelings of partnership under the vast sky of the eternal city.

Academics, clinicians, researchers and nextgen trainees working in the rehabilitative field as well as patients with their caregivers are all welcomed.

Rome is ready for you. Enjoy this beautiful city and its surroundings while feeling right at home.

Let yourself be involved in the next MFPRM by contributing to turn this meeting into a very special opportunity!

See you in Rome,

Calogero Foti
President of the 2023 MFPRM